2 truck crashes shut down SB 5 Fwy truck lanes in Newhall Pass

in the lanes with a semi-truck carrying about 40,000 pounds of produce and a car carrier handling three vehicles. No one was injured in either crash, authorities said. The separate accidents happened right near the 14 Freeway transition. The accidents also caused the closure of the southbound 14 Freeway truck lanes to the southbound 5 Freeway.The semi-truck, which was carrying apples, ended up on its side. SYLMAR, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — An overturned semi-truck carrying produce and a car carrier crashed, causing a shutdown of the southbound truck lanes on the 5 Freeway in the Newhall Pass Thursday.The crashes happened around 3 a.m. Authorities expect the lanes to be closed until at least noon because they have to remove the produce before they can move the semi-truck.