Afroman – Sag Your Pants Lyrics

SWAP meets, old school beats
Move to the suburbs of Palmdale
Kept on saggin hard as hell
Had a cool step, plus a bad rep
Didn’t fit in with the preppy prep
They crack little jokes, look down they nose
But now they smoke weed and wear baggy clothes
Play rap music, dance and drink beer
Shit we been doin for years
[Chorus: x2]
Sag yo pants
Do that gangsta dance
Walk, walk, walk, walkowww
I sag my daddy, I sag my mama
I got to bed and sag my pajama
Sag at home, sag in church
Sag with the homies in the police search
Sag at work, sag at school
Sag in the airport fool
Sag when I stayin, sag when I bail
Sag when I out the county jail
Sag in the SWAP meet, sag in court
Sag when I hop out the super sport
Sag when I’m playin basket ball
“pull yo pants up joey” hell naw
Sag with my kids, sag with my wife
I can’t stop saggin, I’m a sag for life
Fist Palmdale sager, I don’t bang
But I still let, my khakis hang
Sag bold, sag nervous
Sag when I’m doin community service
Sag when I mac, sag when I brawl
I bet ya 20 dollars my pants don’t fall
[Chorus: x2]
Sag yo pants
Do that gangsta dance
Walk, walk, walk, walkowww
Yea, yea
Pull em up, pull em up, pull em down B-CAAA
Ooowww yeeaa
Let me get them size 46, yea B-CAAAA W.A. Let it go
Wha, c’mon
Somebody say heeeyyy
I’m just playin
Before Palmdale, we use to stay
Deep in the hood where they sell yay
I seen a gangbanger walk by real fast
Brand new khakis hangin off his ass
At first, I didn’t like the chump
Cause he looked like he needed to go take a dump
But everybody sag in the hood
Pretty soon, it started lookin good
1987 I started stoppin my mama from doin my school shoppin
Mama, love you right
But these wranglers too dam tight
Stay home, cook something to eat
Daddy, take me to the SWAP meet
Walkin through the SWAP meet with a jerri curl
Tryn to get somethin from the home girl
Joseph, I love you right
But them wranglers is too dam tight
Okay I’m a give you a chance
But first…
[Chorus: x2]
Sag yo pants
Do that gangsta dance
Walk, walk, walk, walkowww
Who invited saggin, take a guess
I don’t know but he from the west
Remember them old school rappers right
Like run dmc, they pants was tight
Don’t get me wrong, I luv N. But they wasn’t saggin the right way
Saggin come from the L.A.