Agent Sasco Releases Song With Daughter LC, To Speaker At Book Launch

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His fans have welcomed the announcement. After starting his family, the deejay rebranded and adopted a more wholesome image. The artiste expressed enthusiasm about his upcoming speech on Instagram. “I know I’ve got vision more than my eyes can see / And I know I rule My Own Destiny,” LC sings. Great theme song even for a movie. The author says the story is based on his own journey, which started out in a broken home and led to him being a community leader. In an announcement of the gig, he said, “Just about finished my copy of @peteandreken Bestseller, “When A Man Loves.” I’ll be a guest speaker at the launch this Saturday, May 29th @ Miramar Regional Park. His career and recent name change mirror the growth that “When a Man Loves” chronicles. The book launch, which takes place this Saturday, May 29th, will feature a special event at the Miramar Regional Park in Miramar, Florida, with Agent Sasco as the main event. “When a Man Loves” is a story about a young Jamaican man and how he finds his way in the world without any major role models or navigational forces. So sweet,” one listener commented below the lyric video uploaded on Youtube. #GiveThanks.”

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A post shared by Sasco VS Assassin OUT NOW! Kennedy is the Founder and CEO of Educating Men & Youth How to Lead & Live. It is a motivational book that calls on men to LEAD THE WAY THEY WERE BORN TO, to protect, to communicate with transparency, to be honest, loyal, and build trust with those they influence. Love you and your music!!!”
Positivity is also being spread by Sasco’s 8-year-old daughter Lauren ‘LC’ Campbell. His organization helps young people develop their professional and personal lives. One follower commented, “Congratulations! Agent Sasco is to speak at the launch of Pete Kennedy’s book “When a Man Loves” this weekend. It is a real triumphant story and a true testament that challenges the reader with exercises to be better LEADERS, FATHERS, HUSBANDS and HUMAN BEINGS.”
Who better to be an ambassador of this book than Agent Sasco himself? Hailing from the low-income Papine Kintyre community, Sasco has his own story of overcoming and rising above the stereotypes to be a well-respected leader in society. Her latest release is the motivational, soulful ballad, “If Caterpillars Can Fly So Can I,” released alongside her father. In a similar fashion to the book of the same name published by Jamaican author Alvin Day, the track instructs listeners to dream big and never give up. “This song is encouraging and uplifting. I can definitely see this taking off in a huge way. Agent Sasco, in his early career, was known by the name Assassin. His daughter has added that special touch. In his book, Kennedy further explains, “This story is my journey navigating masculinity and all the traps it sets.”
A review of the book on Amazon says, “It is an emotional roller coaster that will run from the extremes of joy to tears. A committed husband and father, Sasco is the epitome of what it means to be a strong man. Continue to make your positive marks on society!!!