Akbar V Likes Drake’s Print And Shoots Her Shot

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Facebook Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Akbar V is the latest to make a pass at Drake with a creative video inspired by the Alicia Keys music video for “You Don’t Know My Name”. Can I speak to Drake? But for the most part, it’s hard to say at any given moment if Drake is single and looking or booed up with some mystery woman. Hey Drake, this is Akbar V. Drake has never liked his dating life to be in the public eye, despite consistently spilling all his emotions every time he puts out an album. For most eligible women out there, this means that the 6 God is fair game to shoot their shot should they be so inclined. Posting the clip to Instagram, Akbar begins her mock phone conversation, saying, “I’m gonna go ahead and call him, I think I’m gonna call him.”

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After pretending to dial, Akbar V flirtatiously says, “Hello? Akbar V is among a very long list of women lusting over Drake after he shared his pics from in the gym. I mean like, I think we would make a good couple…I remember the first tape Take Care and I just feel like you need someone like me Drake.” V asked for support from her followers in her caption for the post, writing, “can y’all help me out I’m shooting my shot with @champagnepapi I just need him to know my name.” Do you think Akbar has a chance with Drizzy? Plenty of ladies were, in fact, inclined after a recent workout picture posted by Drizzy had the internet going crazy over the way Champagne Papi was filling out his sweatpants. I know you don’t know me or anything but I just be watching you all over the blogs and I see you with the joggers on and I seen that print hanging out of it and it’s real big, I was just telling my girlfriends that.”
Pushing the joke further, Akbar adds, “And I was wondering, could I test drive it?