Alanis Morissette – Rest Lyrics

[Verse 1]
All these relief-givers
The needle sure revs in the red
Chemicals like drugs
They feel like they come   from   my best friend
[Verse 2]
You   think me a coward but I   am a warrior
With many voices in my head
When I looked around and I reached out
I saw no alternative
[Chorus 1]
And God rest, God rest our souls
And this substance is the only comfort I know
He's been hurting for a while
Can we cut this man some slack
Let him lie down, let him lie down
[Verse 3]
We are a country
Desperate for the embryonic
I'm cold and I'm hungry
And I yearn for a hand on my forehead
[Verse 4]
You think it's a walk in the park and it's easy
She's got it as good as it gets
This misunderstanding's a line between living
And being a walking dead
[Chorus 2]
And God rest, please rest our souls
And the more I take, the less comfort I know
She's been pushing for a while
Can we cut this woman slack
Let her lie down, let her lie down
[Verse 5]
The more that you hurl at me
The more I will curl up in my bed
Where's the humanity? Aren't we all hovering around the same end? [Verse 6]
Door number 1, 2 and 3 have been promises
That aren't enough to be kept
You wish me a speedy recovery
But when you turn I plumb the depths
[Chorus 3]
And God rest, God please rest our souls
This is the surest exit I have known
We've been hurting for a while
Can we cut ourselves some slack
Let us lie down, let us lie down
Let us lie down, let me lie down