Anaheim beauty queen’s image used on fake IDs

“I’m now internationally found on all these ID cards without my permission,” Reagan Poltrock explained. She ended up winning the crown for Miss Canyon Hills Outstanding Teen.”It’s just scary for me,” Reagan Poltrock said. “It’s just scary to know that those were out in the world without my permission, in hands of people I don’t know.”After some research, Reagan Poltrock realized that the fake IDs were made by fashion company Vetements, and were actually sent as personalized invitations to a fashion show in Paris.Reagan Poltrock said letters stated that a person’s invitation for a fall/winter show was enclosed and each letter contained a specialized ID.The picture was a headshot taken for the Miss California organization for a pageant which Reagan Poltrock competed in over the summer. (KABC) — A Miss California Junior contestant from Anaheim was shocked to learn her picture was used for fake IDs without her permission.A friend of 17-year-old Reagan Poltrock showed her pictures popping up on Instagram in the form of fake IDs. “This company should have also requested permission from Miss California, besides contacting us, they did neither,” Bruce Poltrock explained.”You never know what lunatic is lurking out there, and that’s my biggest fear,” Bruce Poltrock continued. ANAHEIM, Calif. “Not only did they invade her privacy, it’s a safety issue because she’s not an adult, and I don’t want any underage girls being used for profit without their permission, especially not my daughter.”Eyewitness news reached out to Vetements for comment, but hasn’t heard back.The Poltrock family said they’re considering legal action against the fashion label.”They committed a wrong, and we’re going to right it,” Bruce Poltrock said.”It just goes to show that nothing that you post is private, and you don’t know where it’s going to end up,” Reagan Poltrock said. “I don’t want to be exposed like that, especially when I didn’t give permission to something like this.”Her father Bruce Poltrock said he was appalled.