Anna B Savage – Baby Grand

When I dropped you off
I think I wanted to say I’d miss you
Or how I’ve missed you.. Baby Grand Lyrics:
We lie side by side under the Baby grand
Listen to Spice, then Funeral, then the sun rises
You catch my eye, reach out a hand
And boop me on the forehead. ‘Nap time’ you said
You rest your head on me under the Baby Grand
I am frozen, it’s so familiar
You’ve fallen asleep: I hold my own hand
And stay as still as still could be
After the record’s ended…
You’ve created this moment just for me
I think it’s just affection
But I didn’t drink much ’cause I can’t be certain
Could’ve slept, but I elbow you under the Baby Grand
and we went off to our separate bedrooms
This morning I wrote that first verse down
and heard you in the kitchen
Probably talking to your girlfriend
Well… I think it’s just honest affection
But I didn’t drink much ’cause I can’t be certain
On the sofa you noticed I’d written
A line about the Edwyn Collins owl mug
Is this affection just created
For a better narrative? I think it’s just platonic affection
But I didn’t drink much cause I can’t be certain
We haven’t spoken so I can’t be certain “Baby Grand” is a single that’s part of Anna B Savage’s debut album ‘A Common Turn’, set for release on the 29th January 2021 via City Slang.