Anti-Trump protests held around LA schools

“We stand with them today, we stand with them even more strongly tomorrow. And all of our public schools in Los Angeles are safe.” At some campuses, however, students were prohibited from walking out or protesting. Rallies and protests were held at schools around Los Angeles on Thursday.Los Angeles Unified School District board member Steve Zimmer said his message was for families to know they have the district’s support.”Families need to know that we stand with them,” Zimmer said. LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Parents, students and educators across the Los Angeles area are taking part in protests of the incoming Trump administration, with deep concerns about his policies on immigration, charter schools and other issues.In nearly 200 cities across the country, school communities are taking part in a coordinated day of action. A walkout at Jordan High School did not happen after students say they were threatened with suspension.LAUSD is declaring Friday Unity Day and students will be encouraged to discuss issues related to the presidential election.”We hope that students will take advantage of these lessons, discussions and other Unity Day activities that will allow them to participate in the civic-engagement process during the school day,” LAUSD Superintendent Michelle King said.”We want students feel part of their school, their community and their country.”