August Burns Red – Icarus Lyrics

Can you close your eyes and feel at peace? [Verse 1]
Have courage to reach for the stars
Or to grin and bear it, accept who you are
Find your place, stand your ground and dig in for the brawl
Go to war for what you have instead of searching for more
[Verse 2]
You’ll amount to nothing searching for more
Unless you’re constantly in default
We see that those who build are under assault, they’re under assault
Get lost in the grind or beaten in the race
Either way, you won’t escape without a bruise or two on your face
[Chorus 1]
Can you take a deep breath without it trembling? You will find comfort in contentment
Fulfilled in the settling
[Verse 3]
The process has defined you
The healing has made you stronger
Like an ancient home that’s cracked and been repaired
There’s no shame in knowing when your journey ends
Let stress turn into rest, your tension will relent
Calm down, let yourself begin to mend
Let yourself, let yourself begin to mend
[Chorus 2]
Trying to find your place in history
Is like walking an endless road
The countless miles beneath your feet
They have only shaped who you’ll be
Without you, our creations would be lost
Without you, our visions would crumble
We must pay, pay our respects
To those who choose, choose to stay humble
Set your sights to the sun, you will get burned
This is a lesson you will learn