Babyland – Kill Bugs Lyrics

Why can't you let her move on? Millions more to come and we all know what's wrong
The ignorance
That's worn on the outside
A product of fear
That's there on the inside
The oppression is on
She's been compared to a bug
You better watch where you step
She's been down for too long
I like to think
We're above the instinct
But I watch as you're putting her down
You never listen to a f*cking word she says
Keep the myth alive
All bugs must die They wanted to help her
And provide all the answers
Simple solutions
Based on exclusion
With so many questions
Backed by emotion
They knew her confusion
Would add to their vision
She needs to make up her own mind
She needs the chance to think so let her decide
No better than you but by no means no worse
You should fix your f*cking life first
Why can't you leave her alone?