Babyland – Plain Talk Lyrics

Plain talk
Sometimes the simple
It can conquer the complex
Will you talk to me? Communication's come to a standstill
Stopped conversation
Hold up the secret code
All information's put through a process
To feed obstruction
And throw us off the smell of what we want
And what we need
Engaging confusion
And the signals we sent out ain't what we meant now
This age of bullshit
Learned us to live with it
Now presentation is what we represent
Why feign expression? I know what you're trying to do here
I see what you're trying to say here
I won't tell you you're wrong
But what i pulled from that instant was something quite different
And I refuse to go on until I'm given the chance to clear up the concept
These are
These are my words
This is
This is my voice
It doesn't get any plainer than this
It doesn't get any easier
Communication comes to standstill
Start conversation
Translate the secret code
Your information
Begins the processs
To get what you want
Just use plain talk will you talk to me? You're not some ad campaign
Tell me your message
I want to understand
And know what you want
And know what you need
I'm getting sick of confusion
And the signals we sent out ain't what we meant now
All you have to do is ask yourself
Do you need some help?