Babyland – The Next Day In The Course Of Time Lyrics

It’s called a brand new day
To say all the things that you want to
In a brand new hour
The power is left in your hands
It’s all about commitment
And acting on a vision
Pull together a plan
And watch it expand
One step at a time
The foundation’s down
Now to follow through
Tomorrow it seems
Is up to you I’m sick of all this waiting
Hand me mine
So I can get some f*cking rest
And turn off my head
The game show contest
Never lets up
Rerun regret
Again and again
And again, and again, and again
The next day in the course of time is the same
The next day in the course of time will not change
Do you want your big break? When’s it going to get here? It’s three a.m
And he’s at it again
He’ll put it off another day
Wasting away
Exhausted by a question
What about the future?