Beenie Man’s Daughter Shoots Her Shot At Tommy Lee Sparta While Twinning With Her Dad

The veteran deejay and Krystal Tomlinson called it quits just days ago, leaving many to figure out how something so “perfect” could crumble. Beenie Man might have a future son-in-law in the Uncle Demon. “Tommy Lee nice enuh,” she said. View this post on Instagram

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She explains, “Me father is a very loving man.”
Both echoed that their take on love is a little “new school” in comparison to their dad and uncle. “I want someone I can build with.”
“Them wa take liberty with you,” said her cousin, prompting Ikyra to remind the masses, “me feisty, and me dutty, so me know how me stay, me we poison him.”
Fans were curious to know if her dad’s inability to properly settle and find love influenced her decision as it relates to dating a wealthy chap. “Me just like that demon supm de,” her cousin shot back, leading the King Of Dancehall’s daughter to support the argument. Her followers wanted to know more about the main man in her life, querying if the fellow is a celebrity. “Me nah go tell no lie, Tommy Lee just…him have tha sex appeal de bout him,” she said. Twitter
Facebook “I don’t think I would ever date someone famous,” she said before directing the question to her cousin, who after a brief hesitation said, “But me like Tommy Lee though.”
A bright smile crept across Kayla’s face while expressing that she also has a liking for the Guzu Musiq frontrunner. “Me spirit take you for a while… and when it done it done.”
The conversation steered to her decision to cut her hair, recounting that she first made the big chop in high school. Even women who consider themselves “good girls” are unable to express just why they are attracted to someone society says they shouldn’t. “A that me just a say … like me like Tommy Lee for all of the wrong reasons.” She continued her lustful monologue with a comment about his baritone like voice. The conversation quickly transitioned to her own love life, which she confirms is going pretty well at the moment. That’s my own goal,” she mentioned. “When him voice get deep and him say uncle demon them supm de just…” she said in addition to gesticulating the bevy of emotional explosions that happens when she hears his voice. Beenie Man’s daughter Ikyra was on Instagram LIVE with her cousin when they both revealed that now incarcerated dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta is definitely on their romantic radar. Science has long attempted to explain just why women love bad boys. She also spoke about her desire to learn another language. Ikyra decided to use the platform to silence all questions being directed to her surrounding her father’s now-defunct relationship. “It’s not because I’m watching my father’s relationship that I say I want to be with someone [like that]. Sadly, it became clear that there may be a major factor standing in the way of this hookup when her cousin interjected, “too bad him inna jailhouse.”
Others wanted to know if she wanted a rich man, something she didn’t seem too sold on. The session also covered just about everything from hair, lips, being a spitting image of her dad, and questions surrounding Beenie Man’s topsy-turvy love life.