Benny The Butcher & Harry Fraud – Thanksgiving Lyrics

Yeah, this for all the plugs I met
Uh-huh, and the trenches
You can't forget the trenches   too
(La   música de Harry   Fraud)
[Verse 1]
You anything like me, them hand   to hand sales made you (Uh-huh)
I'm one of them hustlers you gotta tell thank you (Say thank you)
Got advice from my dawg, I accept it 'cause it's love
He said, "We did the work, you givin' too much credit to the plug" (What you mean?)
That was us on that corner, Montana and Genesee (Aight)
When niggas couldn't sell it theyself, they was hittin' me (Hitters)
I was one call away, I pull up with the drugs with me (What you want? What you need?)
And you don't know the pressure of owin' the plug fifty
Got a jail call, he told me, "Stay dangerous, take it easy"
Was in the day room and couldn't believe he seen me on TV
He spent money on his bitch every time he got work through (I remember that)
Caught seven years, and she only visited the first two, damn
Rappers in my genre wanna be me still (I know)
I'm too far ahead, it's easy to feel like I'm cheatin' when I read these deals (I'm goin', nigga)
You talk and you live like this, it's gon' make them hate you
This what fueled them to get off they ass, I made 'em greater
You should thank me, nigga (Y'all niggas can't tell me what I should do, ah)
Tell me thank you (Just think)
Y'all niggas should tell me thank you (I gave y'all niggas something to watch, something to look forward to)
You should thank me, nigga, you should thank me (I don't want no opinions from niggas who don't take care of they kids)
Somebody tell me thank you (Got they homeboys in jail f*cked up)
Y'all niggas should tell me thank you (You gotta fix your life before you fix my shit)
Somebody tell me thank you (I rap about drugs, this what I talk about, nigga, let me do me, nigga)
You should thank me, you should thank me (If you don't like my shit, turn my shit off, nigga)
[Verse 2]
At the table, rackin' my brain like, "How I'm back in the game?" (How this shit happen?)
Went and did that lil' bid, now my hoes ain't actin' the same (Damn)
Stressin', I did them sentences without stackin' no change
Gettin' high inside, knowin' my pride ain't matchin' my wage
Let me take you back to that blue building, back in the day
Where I trapped them two for fifteens, plus that was my age
From that lil' stage, two or three years, I mastered my ways (Uh huh)
We'd be the Jacksons of yay if they gave out plaques for the game
Let me take you back to that lil' pot, that lil' flame
Brick to a sports agency (Uh-huh), we respect grindin'
I'm signin' offensive linemen and BMX riders
You want a meeting with BSF, then be a check writer (Ha, ha, ha)
In therapy, learnin' to walk again, four of them in a 'Rari
They shot me, I'm back cocky in the jewelry that I bought again (p*ssy)
They want me to post when I slide, they say I'm gangster
Trust me, it won't make Instagram, it's gon' make the papers
Thank us (Ah)
Tell me thank you
Y'all niggas should tell me thank you (Tell me thank you, nigga)
You should thank me, nigga (Nah), you should thank me
Somebody tell me thank you (f*ck you gon' tell me, huh?)
Y'all niggas should tell me thank you (Ah)
Somebody tell me thank you