Beulah – Night Is The Day Turned Inside Out Lyrics

Slow, and I can’t wait
As the day turns inside out
Night falls on you darling, darling
It falls on me too
And I’m tired
And I can’t sleep
But I try
So I can dream
You know, forever’s awhile
And tomorrows still a night away
And it’s late
And I just wanna go home
I fly over the sea
And the planes I see you
Hanging on the wing darling, darling
Holding onto me
Passed out in my room
Your bread is sunny and warm
You know, forever’s a while
And tomorrows still cold and gray
And it’s late and I just wanna go home
Don’t say you’ll miss me
Cuz I know you miss me
You keep blowing me kisses over the phone
Don’t say you’ll leave me
Cuz I know you won’t leave
You know it took years for you to stay
I don’t love you to death
But I’d die if you left
From state to state, you know I’d race
But nobody knows which exit is yours
There is a place in the red light district
Of your heart that I used to visit
It’s been boring
I can’t afford it anymore