Big Big Train – Blow The House Down Lyrics

Came a shadow, fast behind him
Forty years had gone by
In the twinkling of an eye
There was nothing more
Than dust and fire
Like the past had come to greet us
Many thousands of miles away
And the hardest thing of all
Is to face up to just where we lie
Right here and now
Here’s a reckoning
A fallen star blown into millions of little pieces
Maybe you and I
With our backs against the wall
You and I just dying in this strange place
Get to blow the whole house down
Tear it to the ground
Turn it all around
She’s crowned with the dead and gone
Cold light upon the water
Trapped in flickering gleamings
Commanding the heights of technology
As darkness falls over the harbour
Here’s a reckoning of where we are
Did you ever feel elated baby? Here’s a summary, a fallen star
Blown into millions of little pieces
To hold you in my arms
And fill all the wasted hours
In my dreams there’s no time
But time with you always
Always at her side
Always at her dark side…