Bktherula – Never Had Lyrics

Is everything better through that door? (Door)
Ask me what I got on, shit you can't afford (Ha)
It's Rula Santana on your Mac (Mac)
But I changed my name to f*cking black (Black)
Nigga did me dirty, he come back (Back, Back)
Just to get the dough, haha, I laugh (Haha, I laugh)
You ain't got no dub to get a pass (Dub I pass)
Left that nigga energy in past (Left in the past)
Rue Santan on blast, huh
I can't get that bag, huh
Hit that bitch from back, huh
I don't hit that bitch right back, huh
I'm like, "Why that bitch so sad?" Huh
It's, huh, 'cause she never had, huh, me (Sun)
Is everything better in a Ford? (In a Ford)
Huh, now what you bought your bitch at Michael Kors? [Verse]
It's Rula Santana on yo' player (Player)
That bitch broke my heart, made me a player   (Play)
I   miss that ho   top, I don't wan' date her   (Date)
I'ma cop that Tes' right out the layup
Bitch, press one like a layup (Lay)
I don't do no feats, f*ck if you pay up (Pay)
I'ma get that bag before the day up (Day)
Had to think again before I gave up (Gave)
I can't f*ck with you, goodbye and stay up (Huh)
I can't f*ck with me, sometimes I wonder (Won)
Is everything better in the summer?