Blac Youngsta Is Ready For A Drake Presidency, Tory Lanez Respond

Drake is from Toronto, but he is also a dual citizen having American citizenship. It seems that Blac Youngsta thinks Drake’s popularity will help him greatly – “I feel like the world love him, , a 100 million in America love him…I’ll vote for Drake for president any year he decides to be president….I feel like we all should vote for him.”
It seems that Black Youngsta’s suggestion isn’t resonating with others though as many thought his suggestion goofy. Celebrity politicians are nothing new to the U.S as many politicians were from Hollywood, including Ronald Reagan, who was a former actor appearing in more than 50 films, Clint Eastwood, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fred Gandy, Ben Jones, among others. Blac Youngsta says Drake has his vote for President of the United States should he ever decide to run. There’s no evidence that the election was fraudulent. America is still reeling from the effects of having a celebrity President- Donald Trump as the country prepares to swear in its 46th President Joe Biden while also battling an ongoing crisis as republican voters decry the election result as they claim the election was fraudulent. During the 2020 election, Kanye West threw his hat in the race to run for President and even got a few votes. He has a home in California in the U.S. “I’m gon’ speak this into existence, I feel like Drake should be President of the United States, he doesn’t care about money, he got his own money, he’s a genuine guy,” he says. One commenter said “this is the requirements for The Bachelor not the president.”

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Toronto rapper Tory Lanez replied to Blac Youngsta, “we’re from can….nvm,” reminding the younger rapper that Drake is Canadian. Twitter
Facebook However, it’s pretty clear that a dual citizen might have difficulties being able to run for President.