‘Born in China’ looks at regions, wildlife rarely seen by westerners

“Then you move inland and there’s these vast areas that westerners have never seen.” The film, narrated by John Krasinki, opens in theaters Friday.For everyone who sees the film during opening week, Disneynature will contribute 20 cents per ticket to the World Wildlife Fund, with a minimum guarantee of $100,000.The Walt Disney Co. LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Disneynature’s latest wildlife documentary takes us to the far reaches of the Far East.”Born in China” takes us to places cameras have never been, and shows us that families exist in every corner of the animal kingdom. is the parent company of ABC7. We see the bonds, the playtime and the hardships, starring animals that make you go “awwww!”The film crew was able to access rarely-seen areas of China.”Ninety percent of the population of China live along the coasts,” said producer Roy Conli.