Brojob – Heavy Rain Lyrics

We were kids with no sense of direction
Our parents saw it in their own reflections
f*cked up and consumed by religion
They drank themselves into oblivion
Your father used to lie through his teeth
Consumed by his vices beyond belief
There were no signs of hope
The truth is we always begged for an overdose
I know it's too late and you're dead and gone
But I wish I could have exposed what was so f*cking wrong
I hope the guilt keeps them awake at night
I haven't felt the same since the day that you died
Nothing lasts but I thought you would
Looking back, you were misunderstood
But now, you're in the past and there's nothing to say
You paid the price and they looked the other way
Where I'm now is a place I can't stand
Too many questions unanswered
I'm a worthless man
It's done, it's done
I'm done, I'm done
I can't feel a thing anymore
I'm so f*cking numb
Looking back, we were too young to understand
They always said it was just part of God's plan
That's such a poor excuse for what he did
He was a coward with a fist and you were just a defenseless kid
I always play it different in my head
The ways it could have gone instead
I was always told to never say never
But now I know there's no such thing as forever