California paying for home seismic retrofits

That has helped give her peace of mind as well as a better earthquake insurance policy, she said.Registration for the lottery-style program remains open through Feb. LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The state is offering homeowners thousands of dollars to help get their homes retrofitted to better withstand earthquakes.The Earthquake Brace + Bolt program offers homeowners up to $3,000 to have retrofitting work done in designated zones. The program was expanded this year to include more cities.The California Earthquake Authority says more than 1 million homes in California are vulnerable to serious earthquake damage.”It’s hard to imagine in a peaceful neighborhood like this the sort of devastation that can be wrought by even a minor earthquake,” said state Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones.The work includes adding anchor bolts to a home’s foundation, adding plywood to brace cripple walls and strapping in water heaters.”It’s going to save a lot of grief in the long run,” said homeowner Sue Peabody, who had $3,000 out of the $3,500 cost paid for by the state program. 27.More information is available at The work typically costs an average of $4,500 in Southern California.