Chris Brown Shares Brutal Steve Harvey & Michael B. Jordan Meme

When Chris’s Insta Story was shared by The Shade Room, fans commented that Lori looked to be dating her dad’s twin, while others suggested that if Breezy wanted the model, he should just come out and say it. Lori Harvey has a pretty good relationship with Steve Harvey, who formally adopted her after he married her mother, Marjorie, and it seems that her current boyfriend may have something in common with the Family Feud host. The 24-year-post uploaded a photo in which she has an enormous grin, and PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive looks set to kiss her cheek, while he also posted two photos in which the lovebirds stared into each other’s eyes intimately. The pair have been spending time together over the last couple months, flying to Atlanta and Salt Lake City, but finally confirmed that there is something going on between them in an Insta post. Jordan. The “Loyal” singer posted a meme of Steve and Michael side by side, and the resemblance is uncanny. Jordan. View this post on Instagram

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Facebook There is a saying that the only man a girl can rely on is her daddy, so it is hardly surprising that many women end up dating guys who resemble their fathers. Now that the new relationship is in the public eye, Chris Brown noticed some similarities between the two guys in Lori’s life. Chris Brown has spotted some similarities between Lori Harvey’s stepdad Steve Harvey and her new boyfriend Michael B. “I can’t unsee it,” the meme states. Lori revealed earlier this week that she has a new man in her life: Black Panther star Michael B.