Corpse – Agoraphobic Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, hey
‘Cause I can’t do shit right, I can’t learn my lesson
I can’t do shit right, take anti-depressants
Illness and welfare robbed my adolescence
My friends probably hate me, can’t answer a message
Filled with anxiety, always be hidin’ me
Feelin’ inadequate’s always what’s driving me
Not a role model, that’s not what I strive to be
Can’t go outside, I’m afraid they be finding me
Paranoid ’bout my privacy, yeah
And they always askin’ questions ’bout my face, can’t relate
f*ckin’ caught my own reflection, broke a mirror the other day
Got a lot of bad shit that I’m taking to my grave
Got a f*ckin’ date with death, on house arrest ’til trial date
So I grab the red wine, on rainy days and then I pour it
‘Cause I’ll age another f*ckin’ thousand days before I know it
Yeah, I’ll spend ’em all inside, waste my time while I’m scrollin’
But I love when it rains ’cause I’m agoraphobic
Aight, these lines are the last one you’ll get
I’m not okay, I’m not okay
I’m not okay, I’m not okay
What’s the point? I’m not okay
This shit is f*ckin’ difficult I’m not okay
What’s the point?