Corrine and Taylor fight, as Raven and Danielle L. connect with Nick on ‘The Bachelor’

has a rose, yet she grabbed Nick and led him away in her extremely low-cut dress. Nick seemed like he nearly cried hearing her story about how in love she thought her parents were, only to have her dad decide otherwise later in life.A date card arrived at the hotel! Taylor got up and went over to interrupt them. Taylor sat down and snuggled up to Nick right away and he just dove right into kissing her. The ladies were elated that Corrine wasn’t getting that date!Back on the one-one-one with Danielle L. His dad joked, “I think I speak for mom when I say, we don’t want to see you on this show again!”Nick then set off to meet the ladies in Waukesha, his hometown, and he asked Danielle L. Taylor tried to talk to Corrine about the fact that she’s “privileged” because she has a nanny and a ton of money. She added that she didn’t research him beforehand so she could make up her own mind about him. Nothing too exciting was revealed about either of them so they spent the rest of the time kissing. He told his parents that last week was the first time he’s more excited about this journey working out. They left hand-in-hand and strolled through town. Corrine said she didn’t mean to offend anyone for sleeping during the rose ceremony. Ha! They had a magical end to their great date! They dated for a few months a while back. It read, “Rachel, Alexis, Vanessa, Jasmine, Jaime, Sarah, Whitney, Kristina, Astrid, Taylor, Josephine, Danielle M., and Corrine, Say Cheese!” That meant that Raven was getting the other one-on-one date! Taylor said that she doesn’t think Corrine is in a place to be in a committed healthy relationship. He picked up the date rose and offered it to her, which she gladly accepted. I think it really gave him some insight to her personal and professional life. They danced on a platform while everyone in the audience looked on. She added that it was a tough week and she just wanted to have some fun in the bouncy house with him. After they kissed and left the cookie place, they walked past a coffee house and saw one of his exes in the window. It seemed like a last ditch effort to try and make a connection. to go with him on a one-on-one date. They stopped at a bakery where they decorated some cookies…really badly. They met up with his little sister Bella! Sarah asked her if she really thought she could be ready to marry a 36-year-old man. Corrine said that Kristina personally “attacked” her and walked over to Nick. On the group date, the ladies got in their farm gear aka jeans and headed to the country. Nick said he’s waiting for one relationship to outshine the rest. Nick took Raven skating and they seemed to have a really fantastic, fun date! It seemed to go well, they really liked her!Following the soccer game they went to a roller rink and arcade and played games with the kids. I predict the first two-on-one date! NEW YORK — We picked up with Vanessa confronting Nick about his time with Corrine in the bouncy house. She had a soccer practice so they all played together and had some fun. After the practice time, they watched Bella play in a game. Nick offered her the date rose and she said “Yes!”Before you knew it, it was time for another cocktail party and impending rose ceremony. Josephine said that Taylor is mean and inappropriate for grabbing time with Nick (not sure why) and she told Corrine that she respects her for not saying anything behind other people’s faces despite everyone talking about her. Bella took some time to get to know Raven and it seemed like they got along great! They eventually went over to where Nick’s parents were sitting and Raven got to meet them! Raven wasn’t the greatest goalie though, ha! Their fight was hilarious and profanity laced. It was really cute. Bella revealed that her parents wouldn’t let her watch her brother on “Bachelor in Paradise!” Bella gave Raven her seal of approval and said she would love another sister-in-law. We’ll have to wait and see next week if one or both of them survive the week! Danielle L. He said that he feels the anxiousness that he felt being on the other side because he feels like he has something to lose. The girls awkwardly hugged and they sat down to chat for a minute. Could he be talking about one of the Danielle’s, Rachel, or Vanessa? She does not like doing chores of any kind, especially farm chores.Then they took turns trying to milk cows. Vanessa got cozy with Nick and showed him a scrap book that her coworkers and students made for him. Everyone wanted beat her as they toasted with their champagne.The next day, the women learned that they would be going to Wisconsin to see Nick’s hometown and start their travels around the globe! Christen’s goodbye was heartbreaking as she said, “I just want it to be my time!” All of the women were left wondering how Corrine could have made the cut. She then opened her big mouth and made speech about how they are all “privileged and honored” to be there for Nick. Danielle asked her why Nick is still single and she said that Nick is “heart driven” and needs to really feel it if he’s going to go the distance in a relationship. She did not hold back and he really got uncomfortable. She said that her only flaw was that her parents divorced when she was 17, and now she questions what true love is. No surprise Corrine hated it. Later, Raven told Nick the story about how a bartender friend told her about how her doctor boyfriend cheated on her. She said it was the worst date she had ever been on and said, “I need sushi.”Later that evening, the women all got some time to chat and/or kiss Nick. Kristina made some headway and finally got to kiss him. Corrine told her to get over it and leave her alone.Roses went to:1) Danielle L. If anything at least it kept them from kissing again! Corrine kept saying “stop calling me stupid Taylor.” “I can’t believe she’s allowed to have the title of mental health counselor, that’s scary as *expletive*!” Corrine said. Someone had to say it and it’s probably best it came from someone who could really articulate what it meant to them and to the rest of the women in the house.Chris Harrison came out and informed Nick that it was time for the rose ceremony. They seem so real together!Meantime, Corrine confronted the other women about the fact that they were all talking about her. Nick met up with his parents at a coffee house, by himself, sans women. They kissed and it seems like they are still on the path to moving their relationship forward.Kristina talked with Corrine and tried to be her friend. Taylor also said that Corrine isn’t “smart” or intelligent when it comes to emotional maturity. He thought it would be entertaining to see the women out of their element and see who could have fun with it. she told Nick that she wants to get married and have kids. Nick said that he’s glad that she told him and he asked her if after talking to them if she felt better. (last week BSB group date)2) Vanessa (last week one-on-one)3) Rachel (last week group date)4) Raven5) Taylor6) Whitney7) Kristina8) Jasmine9) Alexis10) Astrid11) Danielle M. He could not keep his eyes on her face. She told him what was being said about her. If you thought she didn’t think milking was fun, how about shoveling poop?! They fed the cows some hay and Corrine was not amused. Then Nick told her that he had a surprise, and it turned out they were going to a concert by country music star Chris Lane! They met up with Nick at a dairy farm. 12) Jaime13) Josephine14) Sarah15) CorrineThat meant that sweet Christen and Brittany were sent home. Nick told her she is doing great and she shouldn’t worry. HA! She noted that they didn’t kiss, and they always kiss! She rambled and made no sense. He tried to reassure her that he’s really glad that she’s there and he said he’s willing to be patient for her to open up to him more. She tried to give her a bit of tough love, and Corrine called her only “friend” in the house disrespectful and said that she was done with the conversation and walked away. They spent their evening at a local bar where they shared drinks and hope of connecting on a deeper level. She said she felt like a new woman. Corrine felt like she needed to take this opportunity to go confront Taylor about how fake and mean she is. Corrine also said that she wouldn’t stay in this uncomfortable situation if she didn’t really like Nick.Rachel told Nick that the situation is very hard for her and she doesn’t like it. Corrine thought she still had a shot at the group date rose, but low and behold, Kristina, her former friend, got the rose!After that hot mess of a date, it was time for Raven’s one-on-one with Nick. The kissing is happening constantly now with everyone! But let’s face it, he had this coming! Amber, the ex, only had nice things to say about him.After that awkward encounter, they went to a park where they sat on the grass and talked about their past relationships.