Crime In Stereo – Small Skeletal Lyrics

She says “The future will be devoid of weaknesses.”
Free cigarettes for all the kids to make small skeletons. Four packs a day. I’ve been hunting it ever since. As they laid
my bones down at the crossroads, I saw my ghost
sell my soul to the inferno for petrol to get home. The voice of a sympathy. I used to think it would sleep [x3]
As I laid
My cross down at the bones beneath my feet
She came. Right to an unmarked grave. The face of a saint. I used to think it would sleep [x3]
I used to think as I aged with time that it would shut it’s eyes and just let me be. Four decades straight. Then I’d seen it’s designs to kill and hide deceitfully inside my skin. Now each day
I sink a bit faster into my father’s fate.