Culver City father back home after surviving Nice, France attack

(KABC) — A Culver City man who was seriously injured in the terrorist attack in Nice, France in July 2016 was finally back home after a long period of recuperation.After six months of recovery in France, Greg Krentzman is happy to be back. “I dove out of the way and, unfortunately, my leg and my foot did not get out of the way and the truck…hit my leg and foot,” he said.ISIS claimed responsibility for the truck driver who barreled through a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day. Eighty-six people died.The truck was going about 60 mph when it hit struck Krentzman. BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. They had support from their family there and in California.Now, they said they’re just thankful to finally be home.”I’m going to continue my rehab here and strengthen myself, and I’m hoping that sometime in the very near future I’ll be able to walk like I used to,” Krentzman shared. He, his wife and 10-year-old daughter Lola survived the truck attack. He suffered 12 fractures from his knee to his foot and needed a skin graft.Lola broke her ankle in the chaos of avoiding the truck. In the months that followed the attack, The Krentzmans stayed in France while Greg received care.