Dad who raised South Carolina teen abducted at birth speaks out

I won’t cut it off.” “Alexis Kelli. “The same love I had from the day I held her, to now, to 43 more years, she’s my child. I can’t cut that off. It’s a bigger shock to her.”The 51-year-old Williams is behind bars, facing charges for the kidnapping. “I named her, a name I had for years,” he said. She was the love of my life.”Manigo said his then-girlfriend Gloria Williams told him she gave birth to their daughter while he was away, and they raised her together from the time she was a newborn. “The attention is overwhelming to her,” Manigo said. It’s a shock to me. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. “She’s still processing everything. — The 18-year-old girl who was kidnapped at birth reunited with her biological parents over the weekend, but the man who raised her said he was stunned to discover he wasn’t the birth father.Charles Manigo spoke exclusively with ABC News, describing his unimaginable heartache. The case received national attention as the frantic search played out. Meanwhile, Manigo said he had no idea the child he was raising was taken from someone else.He said that even though he’s not Alexis’ biological father, he’ll always be there for her.”It doesn’t change any feelings I have for Alexis,” he said. He even tattooed the name of his only child on his arm, the pair sharing custody after they split up in 2003 and celebrating milestones like the prom together.And then, out of the blue, his world turned upside down.”The person she called dad for 18 and a half years is not her dad,” he said.DNA testing uncovered the truth, that Alexis was in fact baby Kamayiah, snatched from a Florida hospital in 1998.