Dana Lyons – Drop Of Water Lyrics

There's a drop of water on the wall
And the drop's about to fall
And it falls into a trickle
And the trickle's flowing down
Down, down, to the ground
And the moss begins to grow
Watch, watch, watch watch the water flow
And watch the current become a stream
Busting through the seams
Cracking thorough the concrete
Bending down the steel
In a raging that is real
A tearing torrent you can feel
Feel the thunder growing, thunder underground
And in my heart the chain's falling apart
The wildness in my soul
And for once in life, for once in life I know
I'm not alone
For the mountains make our bones
With the oceans in our blood
Our feet planted, planted firmly in the mud
We are alive
The burning embers in our eyes
The tingling touch upon our skin
And in the heat of passion we begin to understand
That we are of this land
That we are part of earth
And when it's threatened we will fight for all we're worth
We watch the dam
The dam come crashing down
Water rushing to sea
And now the river
Now the river
Now the river
Now is free
The river is free