Digital Underground – Same Song (Live) Lyrics

My man.. Also members of the Underground
[Money B]
But check this out, Shock
[Shock G]
Yeah, what’s up? [Humpty Hump]
But I don’t go nowhere without my jim hat
Jim hat! Who done pulled up and got a Raw Fusion thing going on
Yes! [Chorus]
All around the world, same song
[Money B]
Come on, sing it, sing it! Yo, while I got the floor, I just wanna say, give props to my boys, Money-B and DJ Fuze. but uh.. And no, he did not leave Digital Underground
It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming! [2pac]
Yes, yes! Yo, Tup’, Tup.. Too $hort’s in the house. Come here, god
Whassup, you macking ass nigga?! Go, Humpty!! And we all doing this together, ya’ll. Whoever’s running these video monitors, this shit is like blinking out here. yo. Who else in the crib? But we got to go on now. Y’all know the words? Go!! Yo, and y’all putting them on the map, so give them some love, whatsuup? Fuze, can you give me the real shit? with the Tales of the Funky
[Shock G]
Check this out, it’s too many that we can name, without getting it all in so I’m a move on.. [Shock G]
Yeah, they with this
[Humpty Hump]
I don’t know, ARE Y’ALL STILL WITH THIS? Well, check this out.. Money B, the freaky deaky, the squeaky meeky up and down
Well, as a matter of fact, I’ll be right back, I got to take a leaky
So while I’m draining, entertaining, but, I got fame
And the bases I touched, too much for me to try to be naming
Ay yo, you see me on cable and grinned
I busted in and I was gone with the wind, like Clark Gable
Back in Oakland it’s the same old song
Sporty shorty, same freckles and hat, drinking the same forty
[Humpty Hump]
Hypothetical, political, lyrical, miracle whip
Just like butter, my rhymes are legit
Cause I’m the Humpty, not Humpty-Dumpty but Humpty Hump
Here I hump, there I hump, everywhere I Humpty Hump
[Shock G/Money B]
Ahh, shut up and just listen, not dissing, don’t get us wrong
But to us it’s just the same old song
Just watch, we’re the Underground, we like to rock and you can’t stop this
2pac, go ‘head and rock this
Now I clown around when I hang around with the Underground
Girls, they used to frown, say I’m down when I come around
Gas me and when they pass me, they used to dis me
Harass me, but now they ask me if they can kiss me
Get some fame, people change, want to live they life high
Same song, can’t go wrong if I play the nice guy
[Humpty Hump]
Claim to fame must have changed now that we became strong
I remain still the same
[Humpty Hump]
Why, Tu? And while we got ‘em, we’ve got to move on. [2pac]
It’s the same song! [Money B]
Shock, are they still with it though? We in here! look, Serch is in the house from 3rd Bass. [Chorus]
All around the world, same song
[Money B]
We been all around the world
All around the world, same song
[Money B]
Yo, Shock, kick it! [Humpty Hump]
Yo.. [Humpty Hump/Shock G]
Yeah, 2pac from the Jungle. [Shock G]
‘2pacalypse Now’, nigga, that’s whassup. And there’s a couple of people in here wasn’t kicking it. Go!! Everybody in the crew.. You can’t be getting the hair from that wig all in my mouth every time you walk by, god
Sure it’s the wig.. And there’s a lot of beautiful people in here together. Oh, we got some Gold Money fans in the house. Help me sing this shit.. Give me the real shit, give me the real shit. [2pac]
All. Who else, my man Schmoovy-Schmoov on vocals, he got some stuff coming out. Come on.. Around. [Crowd]
There I go, there I go, there I go! [2pac]
Jungle, Jungle! [Organ solo]
[Humpty Hump]
Kick it! [Chorus x4]
All around the world, same song
[Shock G]
Stop, stop. [Crowd]
Yeah! I said make some motherfucking noise! Go, Humpty!! We want to get funky in the house. We want y’all to give a little bit of it back, that’s all. You know what I’m saying? [Digital Underground]
Go, Humpty!! Go!! And that’s the same thing we sang
[Shock G]
Does anybody in here know what the hell our video was about. [Humpty Hump]
Yo, check this out though. They had their group before we had our group. My man Shorty B is out there somewhere.. Nobody has a clue. [2pac]
Whassup, whassup?! ‘Same Song’. You know what I’m saying, we’re used to giving up the funk. [Chorus]
All around the world, same song
[Money B]
Check this out.. Bay Area if you with me then make some motherfucking nooise! [Shock G]
Come on, man. [Shock G]
Say: Go, Humpty!! Go, Humpty!! don’t play yet. Song
[Shock G]
Aight, he’s with me.. That’s all we saying. Same. Must be too much bass in our music, haha
[Money B]
But, yo! Check it out, everybody in the house, come on! Digital Underground is about to take you all the way around the world, you know what I’m saying
So if you know the words sing it, come on! Go!! [Shock G]
Schmoov! [2pac]
Yeah, let’s do this! huh? Okay? [Crowd]
Go, Humpty!! [Crowd]
It’s just the same old song! Y’all know who 2pac is, well, he got his own album too coming out. Jeremy, you with me on this? [Chorus x4]
All around the world, same song
[Money B]
Yo, yo hold up, hold up
[Humpty Hump]
Yo, uh-uh, chill.. [Chorus]
All around the world, same song
[Money B]
Where y’all at, come on! [Money B]
That was kind of wack
[Humpty Hump]
Yo, check this out. Now watch how we do this y’all! if y’all give us the Same Song right, we might go on to do something even funkier than that, know what I’m saying. [2pac]
Let’s see if they with it?! [Humpty Hump]
It’s just a freestyle, meanwhile we keep the beat kicking
Sweat dripping, girlies in the limo eating chicken
Oops, don’t get the grease on your pantyhose
I love you, Rover, move over, I got to blow my nose
Sneezing but still I’m pleasing to all the slimmies
Pull out my jimmy, time to get busy with a jenny
If it’s good and plenty, don’t you know, SING! [Humpty Hump/Shock G]
Yeah.. [Shock G]
They been with this. Somebody say: go, Humpty!! [Money B]
I don’t think they’re with us.. Xstacy’s in the house from Whodini. Go, Humpty!! We didn’t hear nobody! Marin in the house, whassup
Yes, god
[Shock G]
I know y’all ready to do this.. [Shock G]
I came for the party, to get naughty, get my rocks on
Eat popcorn, watch you move your body to the pop song
That I’m singing, ding-a-lingin’, funky beats ringing
Everybody swinging in the place as I kick the j-a-z-z-y style
R&B mixing it with a hip-hop swing beat
Champagne in my hand, it won’t be long till I’m gone, SING! Yo, whether it be rock music, whether it be British music, whether it be R&B, reggae, hip-hop, it’s still the music of the people. Y’all know the movement is peace tonight. [Crowd roars]
[Shock G]
Cause the way y’all was kicking it earlier, we didn’t wanna go any farther. Yo
That was in there
[Shock G]
That shit was beautiful. [2pac]
[Shock G]
So, let’s check it out… on three. [Chorus x4]
All around the world, same song
[Humpty Hump]
Yo, Peewee, gimme the organ, gimme the organ!! What? [Money B]
What’s the words again, what’s the words? [Shock G]
No, they not leaving Digital Underground
[Money B]
Ya know? See if they with it
[Shock G]
Yo, Mon.. The world. [Humpty Hump]
Yo, Shah. [Shock G]
One, two, three, kick it! Gold Money from Richmond already did their video and it’s coming out on Tommy Boy. [Money B]
Yo! And to us, it’s the same old song. [Humpty-Hump]
When I’m rapping, and if she’s clapping
Then I’m strapping cause I’m smarter than that
Then, girlie, maybe we can get along
Booty after booty, it’s just the same old song, SING IT Y’ALL! [Crowd roars]
[Shock G]
Hold up, I still ain’t finished. We got to get it going on real hype cause they playing the shit live, he’s mixing the record in, and with the crowd, the three elements, the shit’ll be dooope! Now, check it, if you don’t know the words, I’m a give it to you one more time, it’s: All, around the world, same song.