Doctor Destruction – Bounty Law Lyrics (feat. Ghostface Killah & Del The Funky Homosapien)

And then it will be too late
The goal of this thing is not to find out money or gold
It’s to exterminate life, all forms of life
[Verse: Logic]
Ayy, yeah, other day I decided to be a villain
My mentality was set free, but somehow I was still in my body
Kickin’ it like karate at my mom’s crib
Bipolar bitch always switch up like Aunt Viv
So I deviced the plan to kill shit like Van Damme
Man, I hate when people always in my face
Sold my evil layers on an asteroid in outer space
Took me three years to build a motherf*cker from the ground up
Cost about eighty billion, if I gotta round up
Boy, the black man but hold to my skin like [?] jackets
A nice shade of blue, but my features still black
I heard your last album, boy, them features still whack
Then I found a mask to hide my face
[?] wipe out the entire race
Then destroy the whole motherf*cking planet without a trace
Cool, [?] dropped the case, we the gang in outer space
Not afraid to tell a cop to f*ck himself to his face
Interdimensional time travel shit, flow dirty, call it gravel spit
I never knew my dad and shit
My mom said she got knocked up and then he knocked out
Said he had to buy a pack of cigarettes then walked out
I’m all alone in the void and I don’t know what to talk about
I hear there’s bounty hunters on my ass
But I’ll blast if they’ll ever get close enough
Then I’ll dash like Stacey, f*ck people, they never embraced me
Shit, I guess I’m too pathetic, I get it better get the p*ssy
But I don’t really know where I’m headed
So this whole universe is deaded
[Verse 2: Del The Funky Homosapien]
Up to no good, f*ck they whole hoods
[?] actually would
Grain, petrified, eyes wide smokin’ too much, fried
Mouth lookin’ like he gargle peroxide hydrogen
Decided he would stay in the bunker he was hidin’ in
Why pretend? [Intro]
Turn my headphones up a lil’ bit
Aight, cool, let ’em know
You have 48 hours, that’s the length of time it needs to adapt itself to our living conditions
And then? You have created a monster set up to destroy worlds
I know, ha-ha-ha-ha
How can you be so careless? Come outside, he dyin’ then
Since he like hangin’ foods, go where the gangbangin’ fool
There’s so many lanes the brain can cruise
And he can’t produce a thing but a lame excuse
Half the afternoon I was napped
And soon as the moon out I’m back from the black lagoon
Just rise in doom, [?]
With the masterful act, just clap at you
Let me f*ck with you, no substitute
Since he got no support, here’s some crutches, fool
See if he can stand on your own two
He needs some support, heehee, stabilize your bitch ass
[Verse 3: Ghostface Killah]
I’ma catch your ass, shit, throw you ass in drama, unit
Bounty hunters killers on the movement
I play pool with the earth, radioactive gun ray
Smack you with a comet so far you see the sun age
You wannabe villain, fake killers, no feelings
Star Trek dealings, there’s water on mars we’re spillin’
The rap Mandalorian rulin’ the planet, scorpion
Time to save the planet, my nigga, they just warp me in
Yeah, motherf*cker, we got you, we got you
Thought you could escape our clutch
We were looking for you for years
And finally we got you, you and your lil’ fake villains
Y’all ain’t goin’ nowhere
You thought you could come up here in my world and space
And try to get here and run this shit, I got this shit on lock
f*ck you motherf*cker
You gon’ rot in the real Hell, the real Hell
f*ck you Doc D, you ain’t nobody
You nothing but a fake ass villian, you and your lil’ villians
I’m out of here [Interlude]
Can’t you see what you have done?