Dot Demo – God Forgives Lyrics

Familiar faces
A hustlers oasis

I base my greetings
On previous engagements

I made my peace with my demons   …
I   flood streets with   my cadence

Your stock decreased soon as   you reached for this greatness

Soon as you peeked this way
Big dawg made arrangements

Heard young ain’t been outside since …

Heard you still ill-advised
Ain’t take my 2 cents

Now I can’t sympathize
Your life’s on the fritz
Shit even time couldn’t heal

Don’t ride for the thrill
These movements polished an quick
Not even that could keep the opps off my dick! __________
God forgives
I don’t ( I won’t)
I’m marked for death
God forbid
My biggest fear
Is getting too much shine

Shit I’m already hasty
My young boy got to much time

Don’t know what’s 2 times 9

Know what tools sound like
2 shots
Yea , rooftop vibes

Yah arms to short to box wit god
Don’t know how you got signed
Don’t know how niggas round yo way
Let yo lil food ass slide

You been a p*ssy since the p*ssy nigga! 2 guns high

Stamped on my birth & death certificate
Grew 2 new eyes

I gots to watch you , watching me my nigga
(Let) too much fly

We let you rock no repercussions
Bussin out the window
Lions , tigers , bears
An sharp percussion
Drum still hot
The business

You just witnessed divine intervention

Blood made a name
So he could make a living

Thats heavy
God forgives
I don’t ( I won’t)
My nigga I mastered the art of inconspicuous transactions , advance tactics

I’m out the way still look fantastic
Still gram sparking

Inflate the market
Rich off the back end
Who made that happen? …
Same dirty ass lil bad ass boy
You thought would ruin it all …

Streets never loved em , still he way too involved
This shit hereditary

I won’t be home till end of February
How this shit go

That was like 2 years ago

I spent my free
My me time
Up , down that dark road
Stuck on the beast side
Tough , fend for my own
Shit realer then ever

Can’t find my balance

Death is the end of my endeavors

Big sip out the chalice

Foul & faithful fully embodied

You still chasing levels

At this point your dream is my hobby
Young allah
God forgives
I don’t ( I won’t)
(x6) …
I’m marked for death