Drake Curves Groupie Celina Powell In Viral Text Message Exchange, “I Want No Parts”

Good thing Drake knows who hip hop groupie Celina Powell is and curved her neatly. Celina Powell has made a name for herself with a combination of sexy Instagram selfies and dramatic claims about alleged sexual encounters with A-List rappers, including Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap, and Offset. However, that doesn’t mean that outlandish claims won’t continue to go viral when they include the names of big stars. Now a new text conversation that allegedly took place between Drake and Celina has surfaced online and prompted endless jokes and memes, even though there is a lot of doubt about whether the images are real. It can be hard to know what to believe when an Insta-celebrity’s claim to fame is straight up clout chasing. The screenshots essentially show Celina getting shut down by Drake, which has led many social media users to believe the conversation is authentic since it seems unlikely that Powell would create a fake conversation during which she gets quickly rejected. https://t.co/9p3gNrdNSi
— Cabrel (@doublentendreuh) January 11, 2021

not drake telling Celina Powell he most def never gave her his number & he want no parts @ all LMFAOOO? (@nojumper)

Celina responded to being shot down with a bit of manipulation, which she is no doubt accustomed to, saying, “welp okay…N yes you did it’s still in my dm I don’t wanna upset you tho so I’ll stop.” After Drake went to check his Instagram messages to see if he had somehow forgotten sharing his number with Powell, he replied, “Doesn’t look like it.” Celina, satisfied with the end result, happily responded, “I just wanted you to open my DMs thanks…I don’t wanna get blocked tho sooo I’ll exit now”. —? After the conversation went viral, Celina took to Twitter to explain where she actually found Drake’s number, writing, “I got it from @torylanez phone.”
Drake when he saw her text: pic.twitter.com/6UujYSx33M
— Rodrizzy (@IamRodrizzy) January 11, 2021

me to drake for curving celina powell: pic.twitter.com/q1vLWo9lSo
— caylean jacobs (@ovocay) January 11, 2021

Celina Powell fell face first trying to catch Drake slipping PFFFFFAHHHHH
— DeMundo (@WorldOnMars) January 11, 2021

Lmao Drake out there with models and Celina thought she could slide like this?? (@citygal5O4) January 11, 2021

Facebook After telling Drizzy who she is, the Toronto rap star replies, “Def never gave u my number.” He goes on to make it very clear that he is not interested in any of her infamous drama, adding, “I know who u are…I want noooooo parts.”

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