Drake Shooting Music Video For “Certified Lover Boy” Per Akademiks

The OVO team already made it abundantly clear that Drake is the best source of updates for the album as he is ultimately the man in charge. Now that the rapper has revealed through DJ Akademiks that the album will arrive before next month, it’s time to get excited again as we all near Drake SZN. While Drake fans were happy about the surprise joint, they were even more pleased to hear the latest update from Drake himself. “He said that ‘Whats Next’ record is just a ‘warm up ting’. The Goat is back. Prepare yourselves pic.twitter.com/zxuKQW0YIq
— DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) March 1, 2021

Fans were disappointed when Drake announced that he was pushing the album again in January. While fans continue to wait for the day the album arrives, there has been a small development that has managed to hold them over for now. — DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) March 1, 2021

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) A seemingly unmastered version of Drake’s song “What’s Next” leaked online this weekend. prollly drop something this week. Certified Lover Boy can literally drop any day now. — DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) March 1, 2021

He also told me he shooting some videos.. According to the hip-hop commentator, his source is Drizzy himself, so there’s no need to look anywhere else. — DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) March 1, 2021

Thats yall Drake update.. He’s working overtime creating this next masterpiece… CLB on da way… fr.” The hip-hop commentator also shared a video of Drake shooting a music video and said the rapper might release something as soon as this week. After it was set to be released again in January, Drake announced that a personal injury thwarted that rollout as he was focusing all his energy on recovering. Drake is dropping his new album in the coming weeks. Drake shooting a music video. The rapper reportedly told Akademiks that Certified Lover Boy will arrive before April. Drake told me to sit tight n relax… he said that 'Whats Next' record is just a 'warm up ting'. Akademiks informed fans that the Toronto rapper said the leak was just a “warm up ting” and he also has some new music videos that he’s working on. Are you excited about the drop? Ever since Drake missed the promised release date for his impending album Certified Lover Boy, last summer fans have been keeping their eyes peeled for further updates on the drop. Aubrey Champagne Papi Drake Graham. Drake is tagged in a clip of a black SUV cruising along the street at night while someone hangs out the window. “Look who’s in the neighborhood,” someone wrote across the video clip. At the time, he didn’t offer much of an update on the new release date besides the fact that it was still coming in 2021. He's working overtime creating this next masterpiece… CLB on da way… fr. the source is – The Boy. “Drake told me to sit tight n relax,” Akademiks wrote on Twitter. The latest update on the highly anticipated project comes from DJ Akademiks, who says the album is coming this month.