Echolyn – One Voice Lyrics

Listen well, life's too short to make excuses
Take the chance, expose yourself to find your wrong
You are the reason why denial breeds frustration
You've let your dreams slip away
First answer to yourself then decide for others
If the dream in your possession has time enough
Or room for those who can't decide
Which way the balance swings
Their faith all alone in a crowd
Just like Vincent bled upon canvas
Feelings he could not explain
So does my heart weep in anger
For we are only human, one voice against the world
Hours and hours you'd spend staring at the wall
Sometimes you'd laugh 'til you'd cry
Feelings you can't deny, locked inside
It's suicide killing yourself from within
Open your eyes to a world with no horizons
No chains to bind your movement your will is free to roam
So why confine your soul in a world filled with illusions
Of strangled and beaten ideas
One voice heard above the distant roar of insanity
You have the chance to hear his word
One voice heard above the distant sigh of humanity
You have the chance to preach His word…one voice