Elephants given sweaters to keep warm in India

MATHURA, India — It’s not every day that you see an elephant wearing a sweater. “The rescued elephants under rehabilitation at Wildlife SOS have been rescued from shocking circumstances. We aim to provide them with a safe habitat where they can live like elephants,” Wildlife SOS Secretary and Co-founder Geeta Seshamani added in the news release.Click here to read more about the elephants. A group of rescued elephants received the cozy clothing to help keep them warm up after a cold spell in northern India.Wildlife SOS, a nonprofit wildlife and conservation organization based there, told ABC News that their staff members created the sweaters for the elephants living at their Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura, India. Most of the elephants are injured, blind or recovering from injury.Wildlife SOS said they work to protect and rescue elephants from illegal captivity, trafficking, and exploitation.Many of the elephants at the Wildlife SOS facility have been subjected to extreme cruelty and decades of suffering, they told ABC News.”These majestic creatures are adjusting to a life of dignity, freedom and peace, in a place where they can spend their days happily, with frequent baths, a nutritious diet and good veterinary care,” Wildlife SOS said in a news release.The center also said that the vulnerable state of the elephants makes them more susceptible to pneumonia and other sicknesses. There are 20 rescued elephants being cared for at the facility.