Eye on L.A. explores foods 1st made in the city

Today the tacos are served with caramelized Korean BBQ short rib, Mexican chilies, cilantro-lime-onion relish and soy Kogi slaw.http://kogibbq.com/THE SMOKED SALMON PIZZAWe visited the famous Wolfgang Puck restaurant, Spago to learn the history behind their famous decadent dish, the smoked salmon pizza. MADE DRINKSPerhaps the most famous drink born in Los Angeles is the Moscow Mule. Upon drinking the rum concoction that Beachcomber created the guest relayed that he was able to make it through his meeting but felt “like a zombie”, and thus the cocktail was born!http://www.donthebeachcomber.com/THE HOT FUDGE SUNDAEHollywood Blvd. is not only known for its Walk of Fame, but it’s also the birth place of the Hot Fudge Sundae. Traditionally sushi rolls are wrapped with nori on the outside but Mashita recognized that American’s pallets were unaccustomed to the chewy outside, and so he flipped it, putting the nori on the inside of the roll and the sticky rice on the outside. For a healthier option, guests may ask for grilled chicken instead of the fried, yet the original recipe calls for fried chicken.http://www.thefarmofbeverlyhills.com/http://www.joansonthird.com/KOGI SHORT RIB TACOL.A. After roaming the aisle of Koreatown’s Gaju market and grabbing items at random, such as kimchi and a cabbage slaw with soy-sesame chili, they took a bite and realized they had created something special. explores the stories behind some of America’s favorite food dishes and drinks that were first made right in Los Angeles.NEIL SAAVEDRA – THE FORK REPORTWe brought in Eye on L.A. According to the lore, the group ordered the beef tatare, but one of them didn’t like beef. They are open 24 hours a day but expect lines on Friday and Saturday nights.http://www.thedonutmanca.com/Be sure to “LIKE” Eye on L.A and host Tina Malave on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!www.facebook.com/EyeOnLAwww.facebook.com/ABC7TinaTwitter: @EyeOnLATwitter: @ABC7TinaInstagram: @ABC7EyeOnLA You can tune into the Fork Report on KFI AM 640 every Saturday from 2pm-5pm, to hear chef interviews, food news, pop culture, recipes, cooking tips and tricks, hot eateries and establishments and much more. to get the scoop on this Japanese restaurant, known for inventing Tuna Tartare. We spoke with Chef Hector Ambriz who explained that the salad was invented at the now defunct Brown Derby restaurant. can’t get enough of Chef Roy Choi’s signature Short Rib Taco, served at Kogi Taqueria food trucks here in Los Angeles. We stopped by the popular Sushi House in Studio City where the Cali Roll is always a big seller.http://www.sushihse.com/ L.A. Since the Cock ‘n’ Bull is no longer around, we headed to Tam O’Shanter in Los Feliz, where they make one of the best Moscow Mules in town. In 2008, Roy Choi and a friend Mark Mangeurs came up with the Korean short rib taco after a hard day’s night of celebration. Quick thinking Puck put his smoked salmon on a pizza crust and everyone loved it. At both of these restaurants, the roll is dipped in the hot beef juices before the sandwich is assembled, and is served “wet”. Whether vegan or carnivore, all are welcome to join the conversation, expand and share their knowledge about everyone’s favorite subject, food!http://kfiam640.iheart.com/onair/fork-report-46274/ THE BEEF: COLES VS. You can enjoy this original recipe during dinner at Chaya Downtown L.A. Just across from the Roosevelt Hotel you’ll find a commemorative banner which is all that’s left of C.C. Both restaurants, opened in 1908, claim to be “the originator” of the French Dip Sandwich. Try them both and be the judge yourself!http://www.philippes.com/http://213hospitality.com/project/coles/HOT DOG ON A STICK – THE CORN DOGWe visited the birth place of the iconic Hot Dog on a Stick located in Santa Monica. His famous Zombie cocktail was created when a guest asked for something to help him get through his business meeting. The taquitos, shredded beef rolled in a corn tortilla and fried are made fresh to order, then served drenched in a secret family recipe avocado sauce.http://www.elcielitolindo.comTHE CALIFORNIA ROLLIn the late 1960s, sushi chef, Ichiro Mashita is considered to be the first to create the California Roll while working at the Tokyo Kaikan restaurant in downtown’s Little Tokyo. In 1982 chef Wolfgang Puck opened the original Spago on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, and their signature dish was created when the kitchen ran out of brioche. pal and food expert Neil Saavedra, radio host of the Fork Report, to guide our pallets on this tasteful journey. Brown’s ice cream shop, a popular spot for early 20th century ice cream lovers and birth place of the Hot Fudge Sundae. The establishment, closed in 1966 has since been converted into one of the many souvenir shops lining the street, but the creation lives on in ice cream shops everywhere.DONUT MAN – STRAWBERRY DONUTSCruise down Route 66 to Glendora and you’ll find the Donut Man, home of the famous strawberry doughnut. This family owned business has been carried on by each new generation of Guerrero women. The sandwich can also be requested “double dipped” at either establishment. Located on Olvera Street in Los Angeles, Guerrero’s daughter used her taquito recipe to open a chain of restaurants in Los Angeles. This non-alcoholic cocktail can be attributed to the young starlet who was out to eat with her parent’s one night and as the story goes, was upset that she could not drink Old Fashions like her parents. The salad is comprised of shredded Iceberg lettuce, crunchy wonton sticks, battered fried chicken, toasted almonds and a tangy dressing. PHILLIPE’S FRENCH DIP SANDWICHWhat’s the beef between Los Angele’s restaurants Cole’s and Philippe the Original? Known as Hotdoggers, employees on Hot Dog on a Stick, stand out in their red, white, blue and yellow uniforms. Additionally, he substituted toro (a fatty tuna) with avocado which had a similar consistency and worked well along with crab and cucumber in the roll. Chef Tachibe stepped in and diced raw tuna instead, adding olive oil, Dijon mustard, sweet pickels, onion, tarragon, chives, green peppercorns, fresh lemon juice, salt, pepper and served it with sliced avocado and a lemon wedge. BORN SALADS – THE COBB AND THE CHINESE CHICKEN SALADWe went to The Farm of Beverly Hills to learn the history of the Cobb Salad and why it is so popular here in LA. It’s hard not to smile when enjoying a crispy Hot Dog on a Stick and a fresh lemonade served by the happiest Hotdoggers around!http://hotdogonastick.comCIELITO LINDO – THE TAQUITOWe visited Susanna MacManus, co-owner of Cielito Lindo, and granddaughter of Aurora Guerrero, the founder and inventor of the taquito. Makano agreed to buy the excess berries and created what is now his most popular doughnut. Created in 1941 by Jack Morgan, owner of the Cock ‘n’ Bull restaurant on Sunset Boulevard, this refreshing cocktail has taken Los Angeles by storm. Started in 1946, founder Dave Barham, using his mom’s cornbread recipe, created the now famous corndog. In 1984, executive chef Shigefumi Tachibe was dealt the task of appeasing a group of guests. You can now enjoy this pizza with its smoked salmon, chili, garlic oil, red onion, dill crme fraiche and chives at Spago’s new location in Beverly Hills.https://wolfgangpuck.com/#restaurantsTUNA TARTAREWe traveled to Chaya in downtown L.A. We were also shocked to learn that one of Tam’s most popular drinks is the first L.A. Comprised of Romaine lettuce, avocado, bacon, blue cheese, egg, chicken and dressing, the salad is a favorite among guests here for its simplicity yet richness in flavor. LOS ANGELES (KABC) — This week, Eye on L.A. Available in season, roughly January through July, the donut is overflowing with large, ripe strawberries and smothered in a signature glaze. Both Chasen’s and Brown Derby Restaurant lay claim to the original creation.http://www.lawrysonline.com/tam-oshanter THE ZOMBIEIn 1934, Don the Beachcomber opened Beachcomber Café in Hollywood and began serving tropical inspired cocktails. But the Cobb isn’t the only salad with origins in Los Angeles, to learn more about the Chinese Chicken Salad, we visited Joan’s on Third and spoke with owner Joan McNamara about her version of this iconic salad. The dish was an instant success, and continues to delights guests throughout the world. or with a hit of wasabi at Chaya Venice.http://www.thechaya.com/L.A. Owner Jim Makano explained how this culinary treat was created by accident when a strawberry grower and friend was over stocked on strawberries. born, “mocktail” – the Shirley Temple! The wait staff mixed together a virgin version for her, and thus the drink was born.