Fishboy – Broken Bones Lyrics

Broken bones
And broken feet
Make it hard
For me to walk across the street
Where I got a job
To earn some dough
So I can heal
These broken bones
And on that day
When it comes at last
The hospital assistant
Will cut me out of a body cast
And I'll run and jump and dance and scream
And backflip off a trampoline
And kiss the girl I've wanted for so long
But until that day I gotta wait
For a medical professional to come and say
I've healed these broken bones
And you can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd
And you can't sit still when you've heard the word
Whispered in your ear by buddy holly's ghost
There's a time to work there's a time to play
But not until you reach the day
You heal these broken
Broken bones
Broken teeth
Make it hard for me to eat
But I've got to try
I've got to grow
So I can heal these broken bones
Broken bones
Please to cry
I will love you will I die
Broken bones say goodbye
Goodbye don't ever return