Fishboy – Talking To The Doctor After Pressing The Elevator Button That Grew On Your Forehead Overnight Causing Your Legs To Grow Uncontrollably Lyrics

three more feet
And I can’t wait for long before you know it I’ll become to tall to see
And I’ll be in the clouds
And everyone will gather round
Doctor what do I do I can barely see my shoes
My legs won’t stop
People they won’t understand
They’ll think that I’m an evil plan to kill them all
Sure that’s just a guess
Doc I’m in a giant mess
Oh I can move to an island and can live alone
Without a television or a telephone
But all I wanna do is just shrink back down to size
Doctor please don’t laugh
I’m taller than the male giraffe at the zoo
What do I do
“well son, it is my professional opinion that you should run for president”
President? Doctor can you help me out I’ve been growing for over an hour
You see?