Fyfe Dangerfield – Woah! Life Lyrics

So here we stand before the arches
Voltage in the fragments of our bones
Close your eyes, it just got started
Feel this eureka find a home
It’s a long shot letting life
And you won’t get to live it twice
Flamingos gone an awful tarry black
(Flamingos, flamingos)
And the things I thought I knew I wanted
I’ve gone out for a smoke around the back
You get one shot at this life
Throw your weight behind the tide, ooh
And I never wanna die but I will
And I never wanna die but I will
So here we are, a family
And I can feel luck surrounding me, us
So I ask the ocean, "Are we free?"
And the waves simply reply, "No guarantees"
It’s a long shot livid life
And you’re right there in the eye