Groups protest Trump’s treasury pick Steve Mnuchin near his Bel Air home

They said they are outraged that so many Wall Street executives involved in the foreclosure debacle are being rewarded with top spots in the White House. The foreclosure victims and community members describe him as a man who foreclosed on tens of thousands of Californians.”How can someone who has foreclosed on thousands of homeowners be the chairman of the treasury? HOLMBY HILLS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Protesters rallied and marched near the home of President-elect Donald Trump’s treasury secretary pick Steven Mnuchin in Bel Air Wednesday night.The protesters, who say they’re victims of foreclosure fraud and predatory lending, gathered near his home just a day before his committee hearing. The rally started earlier Wednesday outside of a Goldman Sachs office in Century City.Mnuchin spent 17 years with the company before becoming a top executive. A spokesperson for Mnuchin denies the allegations. That doesn’t make sense, so I just think that we’re in for a bumpy ride if we don’t fight that,” Peggy Mears said. Two advocacy groups filed a complaint with the Housing and Urban Development Department against Mnuchin. The complaint alleges that One West Bank, which Mnuchin owned until 2015, discriminated against minorities.It goes on to say that One West Bank deliberately avoided providing loans to African Americans, Asian Americans and Latinos while he was in charge.