How to help ease pain of wearing high heels

The top of the foot should go on top of the towel and you should slowly step forward.The technique will stretch the calf all the way down to your heel.”Wearing heels for a long period of time actually does shorten your calf,” explained Beverly Hills Podiatrist Dr. “Work the ball all the way to the back and tighten up the wiggle. He also points out how much weight high heels can put on the front of the foot.”When your entire body weight is over this area, in worst case they can become stress fractures,” he said.To alleviate the pressure, he has patients scrunch tissue with toes to wake up intrinsic muscles. He also recommends foot massages and a 15 minute Epsom salt oak.Neither expert said to give up wearing high heels, but both recommend 10 minutes of fancy foot work daily. It’s very common in women who wear high heels, they have the highest tendency for foot problems,” said Hitzmann.Her recommendation was to grab a ball and “glide, shear and rinse.””Swagger the ball back-and-forth and this is called gliding,” Hitzmann explained.The technique will wake up and prepare your muscles and tissue for better blood flow. Bobby Pourziaee. Dr. Experts recommend putting your heel on a rolled up towel or a half-foam dome. That’s called shear,” she said.Shearing stimulates fluid which increases circulation.”Then you compress, squeezing old fluid out, give the tissue a moment to adapt,” she reminded.Finish with rinsing, which is running the ball front-to-back in order to push fluid flow in one direction from toe-to-heel.Another reason your feet may hurt is tight calves. (KABC) — Many women love the look of high heels, but don’t love the pain they can cause from wearing them for an extended period of time.But for women who can’t go without their high heels, there are ways to alleviate some of the “high-heel hangover.” “For all of the time we spend in the gym making our butt look more lifted, we should spend some time caring for our feet,” MELT Method creator Sue Hitzmann said.The MELT Method is a technique using various size balls and rollers to release tension in tight, dehydrated connective tissue.”Bunions, neuroma, ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis, foot pain, heel pain. Pourziaee suggests using a band to stretch the calf. BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.