Immigrant activists protest Trump in LA after executive orders on immigration

ABC News also learned he may cancel his planned trip to Washington that is scheduled for next Tuesday.In the meantime, a draft executive order obtained by the Associated Press shows Trump plans to stop accepting Syrian refugees from predominantly Muslim countries.”Los Angeles is the most diverse city in the world, and that’s what gives us our strength,” Rabbi Aryeh Cohen said.Mayor Eric Garcetti said the city will fight against the executive orders.The Los Angeles Police Department also reiterated its solidarity with the undocumented community, stressing the importance of public trust in policing. illegally.In addition to the candlelight vigil, the first meeting for the City Council’s Committee on Immigrant Affairs was held later in the evening. But Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto said Wednesday night that he would not pay for the wall. The border wall is an expected multi-billion dollar cost that Trump said Mexico will ultimately pay for. LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A vigil was held outside Los Angeles City Hall Wednesday, only hours after President Donald Trump signed executive orders to boost border security and crack down on immigrants living in the U.S. Those who attended the vigil and meeting spoke out against the president and represented both Muslim and Latino communities.”In the name of humanity, this fascist, illegitimate Trump-Pence regime must be driven from power,” protester Keith James said during the public comment section of the meeting.The activists are concerned not only about the executive orders designed to stop funding for sanctuary cities, but one which will jumpstart construction of Trump’s promised wall between the U.S.-Mexico border.During the meeting, Councilman Jose Huizar said it was important to unite Los Angeles.”If we treat everyone the same, and equally, no matter whether they have documents or not, we are going to have a more peaceful, united, productive, progressive city as we move forward,” he said.