Intruders – Sad Girl Lyrics

Gee, that’s too bad
I guess now you see, oh
How love could be
Sad girl, forget that guy
Come on, let’s smile now
Please won’t you try? Get a hold of yourself
Come on and find you someone else
Open up your, open up your heart, girl
Open up, we can make a brand new start
Open up, please don’t cry
Just go out and find yourself another guy
Sad girl
Hold your head up high
Things are gonna change, I know
As time goes by
Because that’s the way it goes
Everybody knows
Somebody’s somebody’s fool
(Sad girl)
And you’re no exception to the rule
(Sad girl)
Your day’s gonna come, my love
(Sad girl)
All you gotta do is keep on smiling
(Sad girl) Sad girl, you look so sad
Did he break your heart?