Investigators solve 1976 murder of Righteous Brothers singer’s ex-wife in Hermosa Beach

Medley, best known as one of the Righteous Brothers with former singing partner Bobby Hatfield, was present at the press conference and thanked those who had worked to solve the case.”It’s just nice to close the book on this,” Medley said, adding that he “became numb” when he initially learned the suspect’s identity had been discovered. Troyer was linked to the murder case through a DNA sample collected six years ago from a “first-degree” relative, sheriff’s Capt. She was taken to a hospital, where she lay in a coma for five days before her death several days later. Troyer, who allegedly committed several sexual assaults and robberies, was fatally shot by authorities in Orange County in 1982.He was identified by a familial DNA search, a technology in which investigators scour law enforcement databases to find possible relatives of an individual suspected of a crime. LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Law enforcement officials from Los Angeles and Orange counties on Monday announced that the cold case murder of Karen Klaas, ex-wife of famed singer Bill Medley, has been solved through the use of “familial” DNA testing.Klaas, 32, was found sexually assaulted, strangled and left unconscious in her Hermosa Beach home on January 30, 1976, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Steve Katz said.The captain declined to specify the family member’s relationship with Troyer, but said a father or son is an example of a first-degree relative. Kenneth Troyer was named as the murder suspect during a news conference also attended by Medley and other family members.