Izz – Half The Way Lyrics

By the way
A dollar or two can go a very long way
Use it to buy anything you want.”
The droning sound of the rosary
Etched in my heart
More than a memory
How could I falter? How could I fall? Though I’d remember I would not call
When I was young she said, “Pick out the toys
That you want
I’ll see what I can do
Did I take care of you? There was no disguise When I was young
Iused to run inside for tea
Made for me
She said don’t drink it down too fast
And I listened though I did not understand
I could run only half the way
Though she loved me more than I can say
How could I falter? Though I’d remember I would not call
It’s only me
You got two eyes
Why can’t you see? How could I fall?