Jah Rule Trends on Twitter For Saying He Will Save The Capitol, “Rule To The Rescue”

— Ja Rule (@jarule) January 6, 2021

He continued the shenanigans by confirming that he is the man for the job and would not be let his people down. (@LyranMartian) January 7, 2021

Facebook There was a delay in the mobilization of The National Guard to quell the uprising, something many persons, including Ja Rule, found strange. — Kelsey (@SarcasmAnyone) January 7, 2021

Instead of asking wheresJa maybe some of you should have been asking hows ja – think he could sort something out after the fest debacle pic.twitter.com/1tJ6wIYYvN
— TheLyranSage?? January 06, 2021, became a day of mayhem and chaos after Pro-Trump supporters forcibly gained access to the Capitol. “IMAGINE if this was BLM… smh the hypocrisy!!! “I know y’all need me at a time like this I won’t let us down… #ICONN #wheresJa.”
You can check out some of the replies to Ja Rule’s tweet below. On my way to Dc to sort this shit out…? Ja Rule may have had his legal troubles in the past, but that doesn’t stop him from taking on other roles such as a superhero. #whatJaRulethinks,” came one of his earlier tweets. Nonetheless, it seems rapper Ja Rule had a plan up his sleeve after a Twitter user called on the “Clap Back” rapper to do something about the upheaval. Rule jokingly replied by saying, “Rule to the rescue,” which left many to try and figure out his master plan. Ja Rule says he’s ready to save democracy. Ja Rule when he gets to DC and someone yells “hey isn’t that the dude from FYRE Fest” pic.twitter.com/ErCOdBICzk
— Papi Nate Gibson (@NoAssNate15) January 6, 2021

Literally every time there is a major event, my husband and I scream WHERES JA?!?? The tweet sent Ja Rule trending on Twitter. He later made his Twitter family aware that he was actually on his way to DC. 2021 is already giving us the heebie-jeebies and today’s public showing in the Capital state of Washington DC was all that was needed to let us know we are in for an interesting year. Along with removing the American flag and replacing it with a Trump one, they also went and occupied various positions in the building, among other forms of tyranny.