Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Mary J. Blige Gets Nominated For Roll Hall Of Fame

The main criteria for induction includes being in the industry and releasing the first recording 25 years ago. She was inducted as a Solo Artist and also for her work with Fleetwood Mac. Blige, LL Cool J, Carole King, and the New York Dolls. King was inducted as a songwriter in 1990, while Turner was inducted for her work with late husband Ike in 1991. Dionne Warwick also makes the cut rounding out the nominee’s list with a regional flavor. Watch the official announcement here, then head to https://t.co/9DIz8WWd6Z pic.twitter.com/tGuSzyvEYT
— Rock Hall (@rockhall) February 10, 2021

Facebook The induction will take place in Cleveland in the Fall, and among the other bands in the nominee’s list vying to be inducted are the Foo Fighters, Rage Against The Machine, Devo, The Go-Go’s, and Iron Maiden. If selected, Tina Turner and Carole King would join Nicks in the prestigious ranking. Meanwhile, those appearing on the list for the first time include Foo Fighters, The Go-Go’s, Iron Maiden, Jay-Z, Carole King Fela Kuti, and Dionne Warwick. Kate Bush, Chaka Khan, Todd Rundgren, and Tina Turner lead the list of solo artists, while for the first time – Nigerian Fela Kuti, who is credited for the rise of Afrobeat, is also included. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announces the Nominees for #RockHall2021 Induction – and the Fan Vote is now open. Among those making the cut are New York natives Jay-Z, Mary J. However, being inducted twice is possible and has occurred for Stevie Nicks- as the only female to have achieved the feat. The judges include the industry’s finest, including musicians, historians, and other representatives of the music industry. New York is getting strong representation from this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2021 nominations list. The top five artists who win the fans poll will get a “fans ballot” that will be counted along with the more than 1,000 judges’ votes to select a final winner. Voting polls are now open and fans are encouraged to vote for their favourite artist on rockhall.