Joan Of Arc – Insects Don’t Eat Bananas Lyrics

We both know it’s your game and I’m just playing along
I’ll just be your monkey and be made to believe I’m paranoid
Cuz that’s easier for me than to believe what I have seen
So ooh-ooh-ah-ah-ooh-ooh-ah-ah when I ask for you and
You don’t condescend to respond
The rules of the game change
But the banana stays in the cage
You can squeeze your hand between the bars
But you can’t have your hand back
When one you love has grown tired in such a substantial way
Too bad we’re each no more strong than we are
And there’s just nothing to say
But if you really insist on squashing me like a bug
Couldn’t you be merciful and just stomp on me instead of
This prolonged smear
My 8 mangled legs kick and twist
My 5 dozen eyes reflect back on themselves
But insects don’t eat bananas