Jolly Rogers – Numbers Lyrics

The first mate started screaming and set the deck
We tried to restrain him but he had a madman’s fight
When we stopped him he’d just hum “It’ll all be fine’
But by then our battered crew was no more than nine. Four more days had passed when we caught site of a gale
We were sucking rain from the rags that used to be our
Another week adrift was the worst sight ever seen
Our beleaguered crew was now down to just seventeen. Though three survived that awful trip I’m the last one
of my crew
The others locked in their own minds, their voyage
never through
So listen to me lads before you take your hellish trip
Man belongs upon the ground, not on some Goddamn ship. Second fight that day and our luck was fading fast
Though we stayed afloat we’d lost most of our main mast
We were now adrift and very glad to be alive
Though I must admit our crew was now down to thirty-
five. From nine we went to seven, from seven down to three
The cabin boy, the carpenter and the boson, that was me
We all sat there on the deck, though none of us could
We should be keeping watch but we were all too weak
The cabin boy was curled up in a corner all alone
The carpenter was muttering and gnawing on a bone
I just kept on laughing, cause I knew I’d lost my grip
As we were taken one by one to the rescue ship
Never go to sea, me boys, never leave the land
For once you’re out to sea it doesn’t matter what you
Your life lies in the mercy of the sea heartless and
So you’ll stay ashore unless you truly are a fool. Most of the food was ruined from the salt sea down
But we didn’t fear ‘til the water started running low
With our bold and hardy crew just a fortnight out to
The cruel sea had taken twelve and we were twenty-
three. More died from infection despite the surgeon’s tricks
That brought our bold and fearless crew down to forty-
We then sailed away thinking we had seen the worst
But we steered her back around when we heard a cannon’s
burst. Sixty set out from Cambridge all good men and true
On a gunship bound for glory with a young and wild crew
We’d charge in, make our stand, and we’d see victory
But when we’d won our first battle there were only