Kalisia – Blessed Circle (education – Deification) Lyrics

An extremely powerful quantum computer was finally conceived leading more and more people into the mazes of Cyberspace. [Cyberjunkie & Realitionists:]
“I live waiting for connection
Out of this world, back to a brighter one”
– “Reject this path”
“This is too late for me”
– “Don’t waste your life”
“I’ve lost all notions of reality
I’m here, lost in the cyberspace”
Shining bright new hope for Man’s wildest dream
Immortality has finally turned into a mere reality
Cellular technology extends our life persistence
Deification of men, immunization from death
“Nanobots running through my veins
I knew that Nature would yield
After all these years I have prevailed
I made it
No more pain, this reality’s at hand
No more death by starvation
Nor cells degeneration”
Assessing the hazards of this breakthrough, such a revolution
The council decisively has
Demanded secrecy
Prompting the silence. For their protection
They had to hide from the world
Slowly, strangers, to their own kind
Soon crucified
Isolation, disconnection
Unattainable, untouchable
Privation All the Arken’s students have gained their transmutation. Very few were the ones to benefit from this medication. Gaining from this new cognition, Cybion greatly matured. People’s reactions were beyond all expectations. Chosen by the Arkens
From Osaka
He’s a brilliant young man
Kaiji Otsuka
Somewhere, in a mysterious place
Far, far away from planet Earth
The Arkens are keeping their pledge
Keiji and many other humans of worth
Are being taught some rudiments of Arken’s knowledge
Here, where the suns never set
Like they once learned themselves
3 years have passed, and Arken’s students have returned to Earth. Hide
They had to find a new home
Secret, society, concealed from all
They are the Circle of Immortals
But the secret could not be kept any longer.